Thursday Night Football Betting Picks.

football thursday picks

 I have some terrific information on the TCU-Air Force game , I just got off the phone and this game will be the most solid play tonight and may surprise some of you, but call me or email , I cant print what I know. But in the other game , take the 17.5 points with Maryland. From what I have seen of the Terps,  and what I was told about West Virgina’s attitude this week. The value is with the dog. Besides a legendary veteran Vegas bettor once me to always bet the fattest coach! I  will have more games for Football Friday

One response to “Thursday Night Football Betting Picks.

  1. Thanks for that Air Force play dude..I only got a push on maryland, but thats stuff you told me about air force was sweet! When can I call for the Saturday plays? or I will check here later, thanks

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