Daily Archives: September 8, 2007

Saturday Update

The Nebraska and Alabama lines steamrolled up this morning to 9.5 and 4, so I hope everyone got them early. Thats why I strees so much to bet the games when I tell you, and when the line is right. Some games you need to wait on, Like tonight’s UNLV game, you will get over 28 points by game time , SO WAIT, there is no reason to bet it now. Also wait till you get 21 on that San Jose state play. You may as well get Cal now, at -14, because everyone is taking the dog, and the line is a bargain at 14. I got some information on the Mizzou game, so get on them before that line grows to 7. Texas line continues to drop, mostly parlay money and tourists, now its at 8, if  it gets to 7.5 , buy the alf and get on it at 7, its a great deal at that price.

more later….

 Update 2:  Some good info on Air Force just came in, take the Falcons +8…The public has caught on to our UCLA play, so hipe you got it yesterday at 7, its up to 8 now. Our Boston College play closed at 13, so it looks good. People are catching on to our New Mexico state play as well, we made the play at 10, and it’s getting lower.

 I’ll be back with some late plays  and moves maybe later…If you have to play the Michigan game , get on Oregon+8.5,


The late information tonight has me taking LSU-11,UNlLV+28, and Colorado+16. Lets go get em! We have ahad a great day , and I’ll have the NFL picks by early sunday, maybe tonite, contact me if you need em  quicker, I’m just waiting for some late information on a couple games…