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Week 2 Football Selections

week 2 football winners

Those who called or e-mailed got the late selections at 4pm  with Cincinnati +3 over Oregon State, and Middle Tennessee +42  making us 2-1 on Thursday. Too bad the Saints quit on us at halftime.

 This week, I have selections on all the big games so call or email for the best ones. For week 2, I have more winning plays for Saturday , in all the big games, so contact me directly for the latest winners direct from Las Vegas.  Notre Dame +19 is not that bad and should make it close against Penn State. And Auburn -6 has been hearing “upset “ all week, but after last week’s close shave against Kansas State, they will be ready for South Florida. Some of the best games involve the Pac 10, like UCLA -7 over BYU .. I’ll have some more later today.


Ok, here are some plays for Saturday. I’m getting some information on some big afternoon games in the morning, so make sure to contact me before noon PST Saturday.  So far in addition to the games I already mentioned, I’m going with Nevada+11, Oklahoma-10, and Alabama-3, Washington+3.5, Gerorgia-3.. Contact me for the rest of the early pics Saturday Morning, and I’ll get the rest of the late moves up as well.

My sources tell me that Alabama is more than ready for this game at Vandy, There will be no upset.  I also hear that Michigan has an APP st. hangover and will not be ready for Oregon, But I’m waiting for more information coming tomorrow. There is something interesting going on with the wisconsin/UNLV game as well.

Week 1 Football Picks 16-5-2

 week one football winners

I had to move this from the old site, here are last weeks posts.

Thursday Selections:YEE-Haw! Are you ready for some football? Football is back, and tonight I’m Taking Miami (OH) + 6.5, Mississippi State +21, Utah State +7, Kent State +5.5, & Oregon State -6,I’ll be back tomorrow for Football Friday!  Or contact me for direct information.

Well, only one loss Thursday,( 3-1-1) Mississippi State was good for only one half, Utah State gave us a push, and we won the other three. I’ll take it.  Fresh off the Vegas Strip , here are the plays: Tonight I have to take U-Dub -3  over Syracuse, they just have better players, and the better coaches.  But the big plays for Saturday are in order of strength best to worst: Boston College-6 , Georgia -6, Marshall+21, Wyoming +3.5,  BYU -3, Illinois +6.5 , UCLA -16, KansasState+14,  Oregon-15, Wisconsin -13.5, , Notre Dame-1, Colorado-2, ASU-16, East Carolina +28.5, Nevada +21.5,  and the big game between Cal and Tennessee?

Well, Cal has been waiting for this , and most people think they will kill them, But the Vols are too talented to get blown away, They will make a good game of it and may upset the bears if Cal isn’t careful. I’m Taking Tennessee plus the 6.5 and I may get 7 by game time Saturday, so that’s when I’m betting it.

UPDATE: The Cal/Tenn. line just went up to 7 at Leroys & the Hilton. Wait or buy the half point to 7.5, and take the Vols. Many people don’t know you can buy a half point and they should do so EVERY time, I have always said that at the end of the game that half point can save you thousand$. I have control over the money , but not the points, so spending the extra 10% is well worth it. Ill/Mizzou line is going up as is Neb/NV, everybody is piling on GT over of ND,  Im on the Irish. The VTech/EC line clsoed at 28.5 , everybody but me playing VTech. There is also alot of money coming in on AZ over BYU. Im sticking with BYU, those guys are like 25 years old, playing against 20-21 year olds , and they should have a big day in Provo.

 Well first of all, our overall football weekend winners are now at 16-5-2 after last night’s Clemson win. All those who called in for the win, Congratulations ! Lets have another great week, Call me anytime or email  for the early picks as the money is flying in Vega$ !  Appalachian State’s win over Michigan was NOT the biggest Upset of all time in College Football. Michigan was only a 30 pt favorite Saturday, while in 1985 the UTEP Miners beat the defending National Champs BYU 23-16, and they were a 40 pt dog here in Vegas. Sorry App. state, but good job!