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Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday

college gameday signs oregon

This week the gang was in Eugene, and wild bunch those ducks, The Wazzu flag was out, we also saw a Valpo flag! Here are the best signs seen on TV at this weeks event.

1.      Longshore’s Cell number ( 661) 313-3126

2.      Herbstreit’s hot but Corso is Morso

3.      Les Miles More Tedford

4.      OJ stole my other sign

5.      I would have gone to Cal, but I wanted to be a Minority.

6.      Yo Colbert, these bears don’t scare me , but real bears do

7.      Chad in Portland OWNS Mike in Wichita

8.      Oregon Girls are easy

9.      DUCK U

10. feCAL happens

11.  Even Bears Yell O

12.  Everybody Pat Chung tonight

13.  E spn   S till   P luggin  N ike.

14.  Aren’t these the Guys that matter ( The duck, Chris, Lee, Kirk on Mt Rushmore)

15.  Mrs. Tedford says HI

16.  East Coast Bias is a Crime

17.  Cal Can’t cross our Autzen/Dixon Line

18.  SECond fiddle to the Pac 10

19.  Our mascot can beat up your mascot

20.   Show me your O face

**special mention:                       Σ sp/n = Bears Suck

I think the boys are headed to the Ohio State/Purdue game next week, we will all be watching..

 ********UPDATE the gang is going to the FLA/LSU game…check back monday for the rankings!

last weeks signs at alabama here:

NFL Betting Picks Sunday

nfl betting

Another great Saturday! We turned in a stellar afternoon and evening, those of you who called got the best picks( FSU,Gtech,Cal,etc) made the most of them…AND our biggest bet of the night was on Arizona beating up Wazzu in the desert. the information we got was profitable. Sunday in the NFL, I have the  Vikings+3, Raiders+4,Cowboys-14,The Cardinals +7 and Falcons+3. I will have the late game info on SEA/49ers, and Eagles/Giants, for those who contact me, if I have time , I’ll post em here.

Saturday Betting Update from Las Vegas

Allot of bad money is coming in on Oregon State, while my sources point to a UCLA outright win , Im taking the Bruins +3.  With their receivers back, Texas can have a big day vs KState, they are a bargain -14 at the MGM. AND Louisville is only -8 at the LV Hilton, I’ll be on the Cards.  Good job on those who called in and emailed for this mornings info on Air Force+3, Colorado +22& North Carolina+18., Ive got the winners of Oregon/Cal  and info on the Gtech/Clemson game so contact me directly.

UPDATE: I got some information on the FSU/Bama game, contact me , or I’ll try and post it later…Florida is also going to be a bet tonight -17, and I already bet Maryland +20, and New Mexico +5 .Never thought the Buffs could actually win, but they did have the right game plan & catching the sooners sleeping, looking ahead.

Football Friday Betting Picks

1960 washington huskies

 This week the Washington Huskies honor their 1960 National Championship Team. They will wear old jersey colors from 1960, but the sleeves and material will be from 2007-meaning short and tight instead of the loose fit, and they wont be made of wool. Too bad.That would look cool.

 Tonight I’m on West Virginia-6, buying the half point at the Las Vegas Hilton.

More picks for Saturday coming up later, the information we get is really paying off, so contact me directly for the best information on any game .

UPDATE :  On Saturday I’m Taking Illinois+3.5, Wisconsin-6.5, Nevada-3, and UDub +21.5 hosting USC. in honor of the 1960 team the dogs may only lose 19-6.0, or maybe they WIN 19-6 !

I may have some more live from the vegas strip, tommorrow, as late information comes in, contact me by phone or email for the best winning picks!

Thursday Football Picks

Everyone in the world had the Saints Monday, while we WON with the Titans. Tonight Im on Southern Mississippi+11.5, and Memphis+6.5 . two small plays for fun, we have BIG information coming tommorrow for the Saturday games. The selections are 78% for the year, afetr last weeks 22-5-1.

Monday Night Football week 3

hank monday night

Well, a good day in the NFL, 3-1-1, and those who got called and got the Cowboys, had another win. Tonight its hard to go against the Saints-4.5. Last year when they come back to the dome after a long time, the fans and atmosphere made it tough on any opponent. I don’t like being on the wrong side of that, but this is NOT last year. This is where we find out if the Saints have anything to offer this year… But I dont like it. It looks too easy,and there is better value in taking The Titans +4.5. The Titans are usually well coached and well prepared. So its a  play on the titans +4.5, and there are better games this Saturday.

Best Signs At ESPN College Gameday

espn college gameday

The picture above IS NOT from this past weekend, just an example of how funny the college kids can get AND wht you see on TV. 

BELOW are the best signs seen  in the crowd at last weeks College Gameday on ESPN, in Tuscaloosa, AL.

** TWO Wazzu Cougar flags were seen, as the faithfull pledge to be at all gameday telecast UNTIL the crew goes to Pullman, WA. Good Luck.  we will keep looking for the flags. more info on that from the man responsible:

1. $uck It $aban. This was visible right behind Coach Saban on set, and 30 seconds later it was gone . The Gameday Police got him.

2. If this sign gets on TV i get $20

3.Auburn Players can’t read this.

4. Corso should never be on HD.

5. Hounds tooth is for your grandmothers sofa.

6. Auburn : it could be worse, ND

7. f UG ly

8.Tom Luginbill is my homeboy

9. Paris Hilton cut out in Bama jersey.

10. Nick is already recruiting me

11. Bama & Vick Beat Dawgs

12. Fear The Process

13. Chuck Norris tells Saban jokes.

14. My wife loves Kirk Herbstreit.

15. Hey Brother, Tuberville’s a Jabroni

16. John Parker, will you marry me?

17. Herbie Loves GA girls.

18. Ranmer Jammer Yellow Hammer

19. 2000 and Saban

20. 4 sale, UGA practice tapes.

Be back next week, we see if the wazzu flag still flies..and how clever today’s youth are. 

UPDATE: smitbo7 // Sep 24th 2007 at 1:16 pm (edit)what about the “O.J. stole my tickets” sign? or “Don’t worry Vick we got this one!”
The Gameday police got those two early.
Of course “Brandon Cox for Heisman” was a nice slap at Auburn fans.


Sunday NFL Betting picks

sunday betting NFL

Well, what a Saturday, we had a tough beat on Maryland , who gave up after taking the big lead, and despite a couple of other losess, we came back BIG at night and turned in an overall  17-4 in college for the week. All of you who called me personally got the inside picks on California-16,  Iowa+8, UCLA-7.5, Georgia +3.5, and Kentucky+6.

Today in the NFL, eveeryone likes the lions, I’ll take the Eagles-6, and we are taking the Colts-6, Buccanneers-3.5, 49ers+10, and the Packers +6. I have more plays for those of you who call,  I will have info on the Cowboys/Bears tonite.

Saturday Football Betting Update

ANOTHER winner last night on Oklahoma, gives us a 2-0 start on this weeks college action,  Big things going on here in Vegas. Im going to give ND another shot , take the Irish +10.5.

Im making a small play on the Air Force now + 14.5 , as the info on that game says  the Falcons can make it close.  Some big money is also coming in on the AZ/Cal game, contact me for that too , before game time.

There is GOOD money on Ohio State, a prominent bettor I know gave me the tip , take the Buckeyes, -22. There is bad money pouring in on Oregon , that game has lost all value, the line is up to 18, and will get close to 21 by game time , so I’m staying off that one, But you must get the ASU -Game NOW at -11, before that line climbs up by tonight and loses value.  

I will also have people at the Ga/Alabama,  games plus Udub/UCLA , Iowa/Wisconsin, and Ark/KY, ,.. we will have the latest info to get the WIN at the window. so contact me by phone ….Those who did this morning got Clemson-7, Illinois+2.5, AND Army +28.5.  

 A game to watch under the radar Toledo +3.5 vs Iowa St. The clones only really get up to play the hawkeyes.

 The information we get is priceless, and its getting us winning selections. Thanks to all the disciples who got us the info we needed! 

Big games tonight coming… and we will have the NFL picks overnight, so check back for those!

 LATE UPDATE: I just got the call from L.A. and I have news about the USC/Wazzu game , I cant print it here, But USC will likely roll big. Lay the 25. Trojans run it up and cover.

Football Friday Betting Picks

football friday

Another big winner last night, we are 1-0 to start the week. Last week including Monday ( where everyone took the Eagles, except us) 25-11-1, for the week, Making us 71-25-3 on the year,  for over 73 % going into last night, not bad.

Lets keep it up with tonight’s small play on Oklahoma-23,  they are in the hunt for the BCS and need to score as many as possible, and they will.

On Saturday,  the picks are  Ole Miss +24.5., Michigan +3.5, Syracuse+38,  Maryland+4.5, and Georgia Tech -4.

I have some BIG underdog plays in the later games , so Check back for Saturday’s updates or those who are insiders can call me directly for the best picks, we have some awesome information ( especially on Illinois/Indiana) and will have another BIG saturday.

Any game you need info on,  I’ll have the best play for you.